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My Passport to Health & Wellness


As the baby boomers in Canada move toward their retirement years, more and more people are requiring ongoing health support. The country is certainly planning and preparing for the impact this will have on our health care systems. World ICU has taken a proactive approach to this situation and prepared a tool to assist the population, young and old, in managing their own health.

  • My Passport to Health and Wellness" is an investment in your most priceless asset, your continued good health
  • Create your own medical record and have all vital information in one place
  • Take this passport to doctor or pharmacist appointments
  • Take this passport when you travel in case you need to seek medical help
  • Use the passport to assist you during an emergency hospital visit
  • Pass this record on to your children and grandchildren - it will assist them with their overall health and well being in preventing future health issues based on family history
  • Record your family medical history it will give you the knowledge of your medical prepositioning

My Passport to Health & Wellness will allow you to plan effectively, reducing stress, frustration and confusion.

  • It will give you control and independence.
  • It will give you a more satisfying outcome.

You are the best advocate for yourself.

Use "My Passport to Health & Wellness" to enhance your life.