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COMPASS - Competency Pass

What is COMPASS?

World ICU's COMPASS (Competency Pass) allows you to see the status of an employee in the swipe of a card.

Deploy your staff or contractors efficiently and effectively, confident in the knowledge of their abilities to complete the task at hand in a safe, timely, cost effective and qualitative manner. The process is union friendly.

COMPASS identifies where employees may be deployed and identifies gaps in knowledge or skill.

With COMPASS you are in control.

  • Facilitates workplace health and safety
  • Enables recognition of abilities to perform tasks
  • Enables mobility of work forces
  • Shows compliance in tickets, profiles and competencies
  • Shows physical capabilities or limitations
  • Shows Readiness for worker deployment
  • A tool to effectively monitor safety and competence
  • Works in conjunction with UTRAC to provide a complete safety and competence package

With COMPASS you now can see employee information at a glance anywhere there is cell phone or internet reception.

COMPASS employs a magnetic stripe card containing the person's COMPASS ID number. No other data is recorded on the magnetic stripe. The compass card is printed with the person's photo and name for identification purposes.

The COMPASS card is read using a magnetic card reader attached to an iPad or iPhone. Once the card is swiped, the COMPASS 'at a glance' display appears on the devices' browser showing the person's overall compliance.

If further information is required, the COMPASS display offers simple touch navigation to detail screens. Further work can also be done by logging into UTRAC from the COMPASS screen. Both UTRAC and COMPASS are fully touch-screen capable on smart phones and tablets, however the COMPASS magnetic card reader and app are only available for the iPhone and iPad.

For further information or to see a demonstration of COMPASS, please contact us.

Introducing the WorldICUPass app for the iPhone and iPad

World ICU introduces WorldICUPass - instant Competency visualization in the palm of your hand!

WorldICUPass is a combination of proven client-server competency assessment and validation technology (our UTRAC system) and magnetic card reading hardware (the iMag Pro magnetic card reader).

A UTRAC user possessing a World ICU Competency Pass magnetic card can swipe their card on any iPhone or iPad equipped with the iMag Pro reader and WorldICUPass app and instantly see their competency validation level, job requirements, and job tickets and employee compliance.

WorldICUPass requires the iMag Pro magnetic card reader and a UTRAC account with World ICU.

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