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Important Security Information

A Very Important Message About Virus Attacks

Modern virus attacks are very sneaky. They use the address book from the infected computer to create emails for more attacks. BOTH the recipient email address AND the "sender" or "from" email address are taken from the infected computer's email address book. You cannot really tell who sent the virus email by looking at the "from" field.

The UTRAC does not run on a PC, and does not use a PC operating system. It cannot receive emails at all - it can only send email from within the system software using a special email sending package.

Consequently, it is impossible for the UTRAC to become infected with any email virus (because it cannot receive email) or any PC virus (because it is not a PC and does not use a PC operating system). If you receive a suspiciou emails claiming to come from "", it actually came from some other infected system.

Also, please do not enter or include the email "" in your email address book. This address is a computer which cannot receive email. Entering this email address in your address book merely targets this computer should you become infected with a computer virus yourself.


Virus Information Last Updated October 26, 2009