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FOIP and PIPA Information



World ICU will not provide access to any personal information to any party (other than the registrants themselves) who registers under the UTRAC as an individual user. Personal information includes demographic information (name, address, etc.), Education, Employment, Personal Time Sensitive responses, Personal Profile responses, Professional Designations and Self-Assessed profile responses. UTRAC system administrators will have access for the purposes of administration and system maintenance only. The individual can provide access to their own information to whomever they choose, or allow World ICU to grant access to others but only with the individuals consent or request.
Individuals who register on the UTRAC via a company will allow their direct supervisors or designated administrators (or supervisor's supervisors as designated by the companies organizational chart to view their information.
If an individual registers with UTRAC via a third party or organization (Such as an employer, association etc.) administrators for that organization will have view only privileges to a persons record.


In the event that an individual registers in an area that has a validating agency (such as the petroleum field), validating agency administrators will have view only access for the purposes of administration and system maintenance only.


The UTRAC is being used by many educational institutions and certifying bodies as a means for course credit and certification. In the event that a person wishes this certification they will activate the request personally (via the UTRAC). Birth date is often used by certifying organizations as a unique identifier, and thus birth date is required only for the purpose of certification. The certifying organization has the right to view the individual's information on the system during the certification process. By asking for certification the individual automatically consents to allow the certifying organization to view the individual's informationon on the UTRAC.


Part of the UTRAC is validation and performance appraisal. The individual agrees that if they wish to have their information validated, upon pressing the submit button on the validation screens, the personal information will be disclosed to the validator, but only during the validation process. After the validation process is over the validator will lose access to the individual's information. Performance appraisal will only be available for people who come on the system via a company, and the same access rules to information will be used as stated above.


An individual will have access to their information as long as they are a user in good standing. A user in good standing is a user who is not using the system maliciously, and who has paid their user fees. If an individual moves from one company to another, upon notifying World ICU, the user's information will be moved to the new company, and access to the old company will be turned off.
An individual can allow more than one company to view their information as a multi-company user. This is done by contacting World ICU and providing the relevant information.


All administrators of the system agree to maintain confidentiality of information on the system as required by their organization and by the regional (Federal, State, Provincial, Municipal) laws.
All individuals using the system agree that they will not provide access to unauthorized individuals.


If you agree with the above statements and would like to continue please select 'I agree to the terms'. You will then be able to fill in your request for a new account. If you do not agree then please select 'I do not agree'.

If you have any concerns then please contact your company (department) administrator or World ICU directly at 403-337-8057 or via email -

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