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Important Security Information

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Security

Early versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) do not fully support security certificates.

UTRAC uses data encryption for security. Security certificates are your assurance that security encryption is working. Our security certificates are issued by a known certificate provider, one of several well known 'certificate authorities'. Our security certificate (and thelittle 'lock' icon) verify that your browser is communicating with a known Web site and that no one else can intercept and read your data.

However, an unscrupulous worker at an ISP could generate an 'intermediate' certificate labeled with our web site, and view yourconfidential information. Most modern browsers correctly check that the entire 'chain' of certificates is valid but,older versions of IE does not.

To ensure full security and data encryption, do NOT use any version of IE earlier than version 7, or use a browser other than Internet Explorer for full security.


Security Information Last Updated October 26, 2009